Blocks and Blocks, a calming story for children

*** We have been named in “Best Bedtime Stories Podcasts (2017)” by Player FM! ***  Hello Everyone! Today we have a wonderful calming story for children.  It is about Mark. He is excited to create something new with his blocks, but he doesn’t have enough pieces.  Will his brother share so that Mark can make his idea a reality?

Ep 23: Welcome to Cozy Corner, a brand-new, self soothing podcast for your little one. Each episode is a great start to a calming bedtime ritual. The kids bedtime relaxation stories begin with self soothing guided meditations. These episodes can also be used as a nap time story, or any other time your child wants to relax.

Cozy Corner offers original stories written by a licensed educator. Gently nestled within each are self soothing techniques and positive learning moments for your little one.  

This week we have wonderful stories about: Pete, a pine tree caring for some animals; Oceana, a playful otter; Mark, building with blocks; Savannah, a swing set enjoying a beautiful day; and Princely, a penguin sliding in the snow.

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