Dad to the Rescue! a story and meditation

*** We have been named in “Best Bedtime Stories Podcasts (2017)” by Player FM! ***   Hello Everyone! Today we have a wonderful story and guided meditation.  Our story is about Owen. Owen wants to write a story and gets stuck.  What will he do?

Ep 65: Welcome to Cozy Corner, a brand-new, self soothing podcast for your little one. Each episode is a great part of a bedtime ritual. Relaxing stories are preceded by a guided meditation. The soothing voices help children settle in for bedtime, nap time, or any time they need it.

Cozy Corner offers original stories written by a licensed educator. Gently nestled within each are self soothing techniques and positive learning moments for your little one.  

This week we have wonderful stories about: Caden the chameleon, learning his talents; Allie, playing outside after the rain; Our construction crew, Ellie excavator, Danny Dump truck, and Dizzy Concrete mixer make the foundation for a house; Deena the Deer, dances in a meadow and Owen, tries writing a story.

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