Rolling Raccoons, a story and relaxation for kids

*** We have been named in “Best Bedtime Stories Podcasts (2017)” by Player FM! ***   Hello Everyone! Today we have a wonderful bedtime story and relaxation. Our story is about Rebel and Riley Raccoon getting into garbage cans, and a bit of mischief.

Ep 85: Welcome to Cozy Corner, a brand-new, self-soothing podcast for your little one. Beginning with a meditation for kids, each episode is a wonderful addition to your child’s bedtime relaxation routine. The soothing children’s stories can be used anytime your child needs a break, as a calming nap time story, in the car, or when life is just a little too much.

Cozy Corner offers original stories written by a licensed educator. Gently nestled within each are self soothing techniques and positive learning moments for your little one.  

This week we have wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations about: Sawyer, Sidney and Summer Snapdragons, enjoying a visit from their friend Bert the Bumble Bee; Falala Fish notices how a sunbeam brings peace to the water; Raj helps his parents plant vegetables in their garden; Sara the Slide shares time with the children with her friend Savannah Swing set; and Rebel and Riley Raccoon get into some mischievous fun. Come to our website to see the lovely pictures!

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